Myanmar Currency & Exchange Rate to INR | Price of Common Things in INR

Myanmar currency exchange rate to INR

Getting to know about currency is always necessary as learning a basic language when traveling to a new country for the first time. No matter what it can be complicated at first, at Go Myanmar Tours, we make it simple steps for you. This article will provide you every detail of Myanmar currency and the latest update of Myanmar currency converted rate to INR as well as an essential travel guide of how and where to exchange Indian Rupees to Myanmar Kyats with the highest rate. Let check it out!

Myanmar Currency Information for Indian Travelers

The Burmese Kyat (K) is the official currency used today in Myanmar. You would find Kyat is presently released in banknotes (no coin used in Myanmar) of value at K1, K5, K10, K20, K50, K100, K200, K500, K1.000, K5.000 and K10.000.

50 myanmar kyat to indian rupee
100 myanmar kyat to indian rupee
200 myanmar kyat to indian rupee
1000 myanmar kyat to indian rupee
5000 myanmar kyat to indian rupee
100000 myanmar kyat to indian rupee

The notes of Burmese Kyat have something related to Myanmar culture imprinted on them. The backside of each note shows a famous landmark, attraction or an important person in Myanmar history. For example, in the front of the 1000 Kyat Banknote shows Chinthe and the back shows the liberator Aung San who is considered as the father of the nation.
Together with Myanmar Kyat, the US dollar is also widely used in Myanmar while transacting at hotels, luxurious restaurants, and flights, etc. This way would benefit from a better rate.
On the other hand, for smaller purchases such as taxis, buses, or mid-range meal payment, paying in Myanmar Kyat is preferred.

Myanmar Currency to INR – Burmese Kyat Rate in India Today

Burmese Kyats to INR

Burmese Kyat

Equivalent in INR

K1 too small 0.054 INR
K5 too small 0.27 INR
K10  too small 0.54 INR
K20 1.09 INR
K50 2.72 INR
K100 5.44 INR
K200 10.87 INR
K1000 54.37 INR
K5000 271.87 INR
K10.000 543.74 INR

Indian Rupees (INR) to Burmese Kyats)


Indian Rupee

Burmese Kyat

1 INR  18.38 Kyats
5 INR 91.92 Kyats
10 INR 183.83 Kyats
20 INR 367.66 Kyats
50 NR 919.15 Kyats
100 INR 1838.30 Kyats
200 INR 3676.60 Kyats

Price of Common Things in Myanmar in INR Equivalent

  • Street food snack: 500 – 800 – 1000 MMK => 27.22 – 43.56 – 54.45 INR
  • A water bottle: 400 MMK => 25.16 INR
  • Bottle of beer in a bar or restaurant: 1500 – 2000 MMK => 81.52 – 108.69 INR
  • Banquet in a small, locally-run restaurant: 2000 – 3000 MMK => 108.69 – 163.04 INR
  • Dinner in a high-end hotel restaurant: 10,000+ MMK => 543.45+ IN

As seen, the Burmese Kyat cannot be used in other countries, so before leaving for India from Myanmar, you should remember to exchange all Kyats into Rupees at the airport or you can use it to buy some interesting souvenirs for your family and your friends.